Given the amount of poor quality television dramas, I really am impressed with Black Mirror. Some great ideas, the diversity of the cast, the themes explored: all very commendable. I just wish it was funnier. I like Charlie Brooker, but he’s doesn’t break the tension enough. Black Mirror is harsh.

Armando Iannucci and Chris Morris are masters at making the most unsavoury of situations/characters, amusing or endearing. But all the people in episode one of Black Mirror are unlovable. And as Hitchcock explains , we, the audience can feel very uncomfortable if ‘the bomb goes off’. The last scene of this episode is unbelievable and gratuitous. Hitchcock talks of getting the audience ‘on side’, but Brooker makes us feel exploited: not just by the Media, the Politicians, the World – but by Black Mirror itself. A clever feat indeed.

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