Hello! I’m Rifa, UK-based project manager, speaker, advocate for women in tech, founder of Refigure and SheSays Brighton organiser. I’m the new Festival Director for Spring Forward Festival. I’m also on the board of trustees at Lighthouse Arts and also have own weekly radio show on Juice 107.2. I’ve spoken at Dare Conference, WellBeing At Work, UX Camp Brighton, CodeBar and Wired Sussex events. I’ve also written thought pieces for CNN, the Argus and the Brighton Independent. I’m getting into Virtual Reality too.

I’m a mentor and meditation teacher at Refigure Ltd, running meditation and leadership courses in the workplace specifically for the digital industry. I’m on three non-executive boards: Lighthouse Arts, PlatformB and The Marlborough Theatre. I have a weekly radio show on Juice 107.2 FM. I am a digital consultant with over 15 years of project management, planning and research experience in agencies in London and Brighton. I’ve worked for corporates, broadcast companies and start-ups. I deliver high quality work and motivate talented teams to produce the best. I’m a scrum master too. Nominated High Achiever of the Year in the Venus Awards 2013 and 2014, I started SheSays Brighton events for smart women in digital and creative industries in June 2011, we now have 1000 members in Brighton alone.

As part of an initiative with J&B and Independents United: the Hive Brighton project helped entrepreneurs in Brighton, I mentored 6 different artists/musicians/creative people to realise their dreams, including Small Pond recording studio, Cult Milk, Pop Up Brighton and Cannibal Hymns record label.

Clients include: Action For ChildrenChannel 4 News, NBC, Wellcome Library, DACS and The Week magazine. I was part of teams that launched 4oD app for Android devices and the Harris + Hoole coffee store loyalty card app for the iPhone. I’ve also produced for the banking industry, bespoke technology solutions for corporate events as well as research projects for the NHS Innovation Centre. I was the sole web producer for the first Channel 5 site in 2000 managing a team of 20 designers, programmers and editorial staff.

Let’s do a project together:


“Rifa is one of the best producers, and people, I have ever worked with. She brings a level of energy, passion and creativity to her projects that few can match, that combined with her ability to keep a cool head at all times makes her the perfect producer. Her skills go far beyond production though and I also recommend her for her communication, mentoring and leadership skills (and many others too!).”

Digby Killick, Strategist, Brilliant Noise

“I joined Brilliant Noise at the same time as Rifa, and within a few days it was apparent that she was one of the most talented producers I’d worked with. My opinion of Rifa, her skills and her abilities only grew more positive during the rest of our time working together. Rifa attacks new work with refreshing energy and enthusiasm, while at the same time keeps things running in a dedicated and thorough fashion on existing, long-term client projects. She understands priorities, client needs, budgets and internal demands on teams she works with, and handles it all with unfailing good humour and friendliness. On top of all this – and if you hadn’t guessed already – Rifa is also just a super nice person, full-stop. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Rifa again in future.”

David Preece, Consultant, Brilliant Noise

“Rifa is an organised, efficient and extremely personable Project Manager. Her ability in managing a full project lifecycle as part of a 3rd party supplier team is superb. Under demanding circumstances she managed priorities, processes and made us feel that we were the only project she was working on. I would not hesitate to work with Rifa on other projects.”

Beth Francis, Project Manager, Channel 4

“As a manager dealing with both the client and internal staff, Rifa was excellent at making sure all team members had what they needed in a timely fashion. She can balance many different work streams at the same time, and takes responsibility seriously.”

Vicki Porter, Head of Discovery & Engagement, Wellcome Trust

“Efficient, thoughtful and incredibly supportive, Rifa was an integral part of the team at Clearleft and on the projects she managed. An incredible asset for any team lucky enough to work with her.”

Paul Lloyd, Designer, Clearleft

“Loved working with Rifa. She’s everything you need from a project manager – diligent, flexible, creative – managing more than I’d dare consider. What’s more, she’s part of every team she manages. In my experience, that’s pretty rare in the PM world.”

James Box, author and UX consultant, Clearleft

“Rifa is the one… She’s a highly experienced, extremely skilled project manager who’ll put your mind at rest and earn the respect and friendship of your entire team. This is what she did for ribot and she was only with us for three short weeks! Expectations met and truly exceeded we simply cannot recommend Rifa highly enough. Please come back and see us soon!”

Roxy Borowska, Business Manager, Ribot

“At Clearleft I worked with Rifa on multiple concurrent projects with different clients. She is extremely accomplished at adapting to the working practices of different organisations, and at managing the complex client/agency relationships that come with that. She works very well with all types of stakeholders from senior executives to developers and designers, providing the right amount of detail and support when required. Rifa brought an efficient and calming influence to some tough projects. I always appreciated this and thoroughly enjoyed working with her.”

Andy Hume, Developer, Clearleft

“Rifa is an excellent person to have on a team; organised, responsive, and empathic to client needs. Rifa is also highly supportive of creative processes, never letting the management stuff get in the way of the creating bit. Recommended!”

Ben Sauer, UX consultant, Clearleft

“I’ve worked on several large projects that Rifa has project managed. Each of these projects has gone smoothly, and this is in no doubt down to Rifa’s project management style. She has a unique ability to keep projects calm and stress levels minimised throughout the team. She’s incredibly supportive, without interfering, and clients adore her friendly personality. Rifa is a highly experienced and talented project manager and I’d love to work with her again.”

Michelle O’Loughlin, Visual Designer, Clearleft

“Rifa is the only project manager I’ve ever worked with that I’ve invited over to Sunday lunch with my family. That says all you should need to know about her personality and demeanour. Unfussy and calm, she is a master of the art of intervening only when necessary, a rare skill in project management. And a welcome skill, for those of us who just like to get on with the job. I look forward to my next project managed by Rifa.”

Rob Pearson, UX consultant

“Rifa possesses the perfect balance of authority and approachability that is crucial for an effective project manager. A pleasure to work with.”

Ed Silverton, Director, Unwrong

“It’s been a pleasure working with Rifa. She is a thoroughly organised, highly experienced and enthusiastic project manager, and always wears a smile.”

Richard Rutter, Director, Clearleft

“Rifa’s confidence in her convictions and experience in digital gives much needed structure to often fluid projects. Rifa is professional, succinct and personable and can steer a client in the correct direction. A pleasure to work with as well as a wealth of digital project management skill means she is always top of the list for bliink.”

Dan Mellor, Creative Director, Bliink

“Rifa is very motivating and inspiring person to work with. She has the capacity pull together huge projects both as a volunteer (for She Says) and as a project manager for multiple projects at once (at Clearleft). Her approach is warm, calm, inventive, organised, professional and human.”

Ellen de Vries, copywriter, The Copy House

“Rifa has a wealth of knowledge and expertise both as a Digital Project Director and as a team leader. She has the ability to cut through the complex technical problems and make things simple! She stays calm and reassuring under pressure. I hope to work with Rifa again one day.”

Amanda Weston, Account Manager, Caburn Hope

“Rifa is very professional and has the ability to manage multiple workstreams whilst retaining her sense of humour and professionalism. She is extremely experienced in a wide variety of digital projects and I would have no hesitation in working with her again.”

Samantha Gerson, Senior Account Manager, Zinc

“When we worked together I found Rifa great to work with. Rifa is one of the nicest and professional Project Managers I have worked with. She was always approachable and positive, but also kept a close eye on all of her projects to make sure nothing went a miss. I would happily recommend Rifa and would jump at the chance to work with her again.”

Brian Frakes, Production Director, Zinc

“Rifa worked with Worth on a significant website and CD-ROM based learning project for the NHS. Rifa is great fun to work with, good with clients, and an organised and highly effective project manager.”

Mark Ralphs, Director, Worth

“Rifa is a very experienced digital project manager and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Sara Leatherland, Head of Production, Kanoti

“Rifa is a great Digital Project Manager and an absolute joy to work with. We have worked together over the last few months on a project for the Cabinet Office, where she has demonstrated good digital expertise, great people skills, with the client and our internal team, and has managed the project smoothly. I look forward to working with Rifa again.”

Abi Mellor, Account Director, Worth Digital

“Rifa was a delight to work with and had a real passion to get this done whilst ensuring both internal and external clients were happy at the same time. It was a formulative time for the company and there is no doubt that Rifa’s openness, honesty and integrity rubbed off on others and helped us get to where we are today.”

Tim Aldiss, Account Manager, Spannerworks

“Rifa is a pleasure to work with, using her wealth of experience in the field to help produce great results and bring a project to life, no matter how demanding the brief.”

Guy Pickford, Art Director, Worth Digital

“Rifa was a super technical project director, always composed and a pleasure to work with on our digital projects together.”

Andrew Chalmers, Owner, Ballard Chalmers Ltd

“Rifa is an excellent digital project manager and has extremely good communication skills. I have worked with her on a number of projects and it has always been a pleasure. I am looking forward to the next project.”

Geoff Ballard, CTO, Ballard Chalmers Ltd

“I had the pleasure of working with Rifa for about a year. She was always competent and very cheerful. Although we worked in different offices, it was a pleasure to speak with her on the phone, which happened quite a few times per day. Her project management of the projects I was involved in was top rate, wish I had someone like that where I currently work.”

Steve Scarlett, Senior Developer, Ballard Chalmers

“Rifa is a very talented and knowledgeable Digital Project Director and is a great asset to Caburn Hope. She is able to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical staff, and was very adept at explaining complex issues to clients. She was always a calming influence under pressure and has strong project management skills.”

Melanie Andrews, Account Director, Caburn Hope

“I was fortunate enough to work with Rifa early on in my career. At the time she had already acquired a deep understanding of the commercial pressures and general needs of our customers. The insight she had brought our company put in place the structures needed by a digital creative team. I would love to work with her again, it was fun, and I would recommend her appreciation for our industry without any hesitation.”

Asif Khan, Designer, Wax New Media Agency

“I worked alongside Rifa on a number of creative projects at Agency Republic I found Rifa to be very hardworking, delivered on time and a real pleasure to work with.”

Gina Russell, Senior Project Manager, Agency Republic

“Rifa is currently working with me on a national scale project. The work has had to be done mostly on a virtual basis due to geography and she has still managed a remarkable rapport with myself and clients. She communicates well throughout and has managed the workload within a tight timeframe. She has an excellent technical knowledge and is therefore able to negotiate well with suppliers. She is a pleasure to work with. “

Jan Draper Interim manager,NHS Institute for Innovation

“I briefly worked with Rifa on a project where I found her to be diligent and hard-working, and a pleasure to work with”

Robin Wong, Head of Creative Technology, Agency Republic

“Rifa works hard at any task she’s given and was a pleasure to work with. It was the crazy days of the dot com boom so business was very busy. Rifa managed a number of accounts for Clockwork Web and did this well. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Jeremy Spiller, MD and Founder, Clockwork Web

Twitter: rifa